Huge success of the first Thermidor congress

“Thermidor” congress "Europe 1852." was hosted in the congress hall of the Vračar municipality headquarters, in Belgrade. The event took place from the 9th to the 12th December 2015 and was attended by 40 participants. The best performing team during the event was Prussia, led by David Vučinić, Stefan Stanimirović and Pavle Vučetić. They successfully removed all serious threats from within the German region (Austria lost Vienna, Bavaria was annexed by Saxony) and united the remaining German states into a German Federation, under the Prussian Crown. Prussian ambitions were fully fulfilled after they integrated the German Federation into a Confederation of Germania, with Scandinavian states as equal partners. The second best performing team was Russia, led by Pavle Veličković, Konstantin Magdić and Uroš Kusturić. Although they fell short from being the best performing team, their impact on Europe was equally significant. They fulfilled all of their historical goals by regaining Constantinople and forming the Third Roman Empire. Honourable mentions go to two minor powers: Denmark (Milorad Stevović) and Moldavia (Branislav Atanackov). Denmark claims the title of Scandinavian Sparta for successfully defending her lands against overwhelming odds. They drove back multiple simultaneous attacks from both German, and other Scandinavian states and managed to get international recognition of sovereignty on their territories, including Schleswig-Holstein. Moldavia claimed the title of Balkan Sparta for defending her territories from a large hostile coalition that included Russia. Moldavia managed to win against overwhelming odds and put Wallachia under her banner, with international recognition. The map depicting the new borders of Europe, as decided on the Congress of 1860 as well as detailed events preceding the Congress will be available soon.


Applications for the “Thermidor” congress "Europe 1852." is now open. The event will take place from the 9th to the 12th December 2015. Pick one of twenty-three 19th century European countries and lead her to glory. You can participate as either the ruler, commander or economic advisor in our unique simulation that combines foreign relations with educational content from the fields of diplomacy, strategy and history. You can find more information about the event, including available countries and details about the application process, in the section “Thermidor” Congress of our web page. Thermidor kongres.


"Thermidor" organization was founded on the 8th of August 2015. in Belgrade. The founding assembly voted and unanimously adopted the statute and memorandum of the organization, starting at 20:00 local time. After the vote, members of executive bodies, the Directorium and the Tribunate, were appointed. Our organization bears the name of the month of the French republican calendar during which it was founded. The founding members declared that the organization will work towards the education of young adults in the fields of diplomacy, foreign relations and history by putting together educational projects focused on those fields. The first such project is Thermidor Congress "Europe 1852.", which will take place from the 9th to the 12th of December 2015. in the congress hall of the Vračar municipality headquarters, in Belgrade. Details concerning the application process for this event will be available on our web page shortly.