historical geopolitical simulation

Our goal is simple: to educate young people on international relations and provide insight into the intricacies of the negotiating process and strategic decision making. Apart from that, we consider it important to provide a realistic practice of situation analysis, how to write reports and diplomatic cables, troubleshooting in a short time period, strategic decision making, as well as the art of negotiation in all its forms, a thing we consider extremely important in modern times. In doing this, we wish to encourage young people to further develop themselves, and to be an important step in their further career development. The second component of the educational role of "Thermidor" is to generally introduce young people to important historical periods, personalities and events, which will not only contribute to their general education, but also help them significantly in understanding the present (and future) international situation as well as the relations between different actors on the international scene. We wish to convey the importance of the ideas of peaceful conflict resolution, diplomacy, human rights and democracy to all our members, partners and participants in our programs. And last but not least, through engaging our participants to achieve geopolitical goals of the states they represent in our simulations, we strive towards developing their statehood consciousness as an important civic virtue. We wish to achieve these goals primarily through our simulations of historical events, where each of the countries (properly historically represented in relation to other countries of the period) would have a leadership consisting of a team of simulation participants who would set policy and solve international issues in direct contact with the leaders of other countries. These simulations would be followed by other, innovative content of educational character. If you wish to support our endeavour, do not hesitate to contact us or apply for our simulation. We invite all interested parties and organisations who wish to work with us in achieving these goals!