historical geopolitical simulation

Do you wish to take hold of a country’s destiny in one of the most turbulent periods of world history? Do you wish that you could: lead negotiations, forge alliances, lead your armies, divide the spoils of victory, all the while attaining new diplomatic, historic and geostrategic knowledge? Do you truly believe that you can lead your state to greater glory than your historic counterparts? If your answer is yes, then “Thermidor” Congress is an event you can’t afford to miss.


“Thermidor” Congress is a geopolitical simulation which combines immediate negotiations and treaty enforcement via a virtual program to bring you a complete and authentic experience of running a state in a given historical period.  The virtual platform provides an authentic simulation of governing economic, foreign and military policy. Furthermore, direct negotiations and interactions between the contestants recreate the negotiations, compromise seeking, conflicts, deals, disinformation, bribery and treachery that were as widespread in the halls of power in the bygone eras, as they are today. Our participants have a great deal of freedom and responsibility, which include:
1. Choosing the political system
2. Choosing the social system
3. Choosing their economic policy
4. Deciding on the matters of peace and war, and have full control over their armies and military strategy
5. Choosing the foreign policy goals of their respective states
6. Forging alliances
7. Autonomously deciding on matters of unification or secession
8. Choosing their own negotiating style and tactics
9. Forging the world and carving the map of the world according to their own vision
10. Leading their states to eternal glory or complete demise

“Thermidor” Congress doesn’t merely choose a fixed point of time as the framework of negotiations and diplomacy. On the contrary, the simulation is dynamic and covers a time period (usually about 15 years) of crisis in international relations. In order to leave the contestants with as much autonomy as possible, the contestants are free to change their alliances, allegiance, diplomatic goals and internal relations as they see fit. The contestants are guided by the context of the period and history of their state, but most importantly they are led by their own skills and ambitions. History doesn’t need to repeat itself in this simulation; rather it can go on a completely different part, for better or worse.

Taking into account that the contestants directly lead their states, use diplomatic, military and economic resources in order to achieve their national goals, it is expected that the competing national goals will lead some states to conflict. The primary aim of this simulation is in fact to confront the contestants with conflict situations and to set them on the path of managing and resolving conflict with direct communication. Conflict resolution is achieved with mutually binding treaties. Of course, the contestants are free to pursue a more Machiavellian path and break said treaties to achieve their goals. Double-crossing and scheming was always a legitimate tool in a diplomat’s arsenal.

We aim to present to the contestants a truly unique experience of managing international conflicts (with an emphasis on nonviolent means) and to bring to life as much as possible the full complexity of geopolitics and international relations of a given era in a truly interactive and fun way.

The contestants, who lead their respective states from the chaos of rivalries and competing interests and achieve success and glory for their states, will receive special recognition. Although the states differ from one another in terms of size, economic capacity, military strength and geopolitical location, during the evaluation these initial differences will not be taken into account. More precisely the contestants will be judged on how they improve their initial positions and each state has an equal chance to win, no matter how weak or strong it is initially. The virtual platform in use is Sid Meier’s Civilization IV. The simulation however is much more than the computer game. No prior knowledge of this game or gaming in general is required and you will become familiar with the basic mechanics of the game on the first day with our assistance. The game itself merely serves as a platform which provides you with an authentic experience. During the congress the players spend a comparatively small amount of time in the game - a mere five minutes every hour – as opposed to the negotiating aspect. Before the simulation starts, all the contestants will receive material for preparation. This material includes: rules and guides about the Congress, as well as mandatory (summarized) and optional (expanded) literature which contains the history of their respective states.  For all technical and question of any other nature, the members of “Thermidor” will be available before the start of the congress and for the entire length of the simulation.


In order to familiarize the contestants with the given era, its general history international system(s) and diplomatic practice as much as possible, during the congress lectures will be held by esteemed professors and experts in said fields, relevant to the Congress at hand. The lectures will be tailored to the structure of the Congress, concise, interesting and relevant. The knowledge learned will be applicable during the Congress itself.