historical geopolitical simulation

“Thermidor” is a non-profit citizen association with headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia. Our organization operates on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, with a possibility of regional action. Its goals are: educating citizens on historical and contemporary functioning of international and global politics, raising awareness about famous historical events, analysing current and historical geopolitical processes, as well as the promotion of civic values. “Thermidor” is a truly unique organization behind which stand young people of diverse educational backgrounds, who, above all, cherish the value of knowledge. For this purpose, our organization organizes educational programs, providing people with a unique experience and knowledge that is rarely found in classrooms. Our organization primarily aims to educate young people in the knowledge of geopolitics, diplomacy, history, as well as the skills of dialogue and conflict resolution. What makes “Thermidor” unique is the way how we approach informal education. Using modern technologies as a platform, we enable a unique, interactive atmosphere in which our participants develop their communication skills and solve conflict situations on their own. Using modern technologies, “Thermidor” brings historical periods back to life, bringing back the atmosphere of bygone world congresses (more on this you can find in the “Thermidor Congress” section), enabling our participants to find themselves in the role of famous statesmen who made history and the world as we know it.


Luka Pušić
Born on 11 February 1992 in Belgrade. Finished Vladislav Ribnikar elementary school and V Belgrade Gymnasium. In his fourth year of high school he won second place in the National history competition. Currently a student of the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. Author of the crime-utopian novel „Triumph of Honour“, awarded by the All-Slavic literary society. Plays the viola and enjoys tennis. Has been involved in a number of non-profit associations, and his articles have been published on the portal „Serbian academic circle“, as well as the internet magazine „Activism“. Great connoisseur of the French Revolutionary period, as well as particularly interested in the history of Prussia. Speaks English and French fluently, knows the basics of Hungarian.

Nikola Stojanović
Born on 13 September 1992 in Belgrade. Finished Vladislav Ribnikar elementary school and XIV Belgrade Gymnasium. As a high school student he won first place at the National history competition. Graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade, Department of International Relations with highest honours. During his undergraduate studies, he won first place at the National competition in international humanitarian law. His spheres of interest are philosophy, international relations, migration studies and history of Serbian foreign policy. Fluent in English and French. .

Nikola Stanojčić
Born on 23 April 1995 in Belgrade. Finished XIV Belgrade Gymnasium, socio-linguistic direction as valedictorian. Won first place at the National English competition and National Science competition, field of Sociology. Awarded by the fund “Dragica Nikolić” and former Royal House of Karađorđević for outstanding success in social sciences. Currently second year of undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade. Fluent in English, intermediate knowledge of French and German. Spheres of interest are the international financial system, global economy, international relations and political economy.

Miloš Matić
Born on 16 January 1993 in Jagodina. Finished the Gymnasium “Svetozar Marković” in Jagodina in 2011 with honors. Finished third year of high school in Urbana High School, USA, as a scholar of the State Department and the American Council of Serbia in the program A-SMYLE. Currently fourth year of undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade, department of International Relations. Socially active in several organizations, spending much of his free time volunteering. Intern editorial assistant at the Journal of Regional Security. Finished course “Applied Diplomacy” and summer school “Comparative Conflict Studies” in Belgrade, where he was a scholar of the European Fund for the Balkans. Participated as co-author in the writing of the book “The United States and Challengers”, that deals with comparative geopolitical analysis of 18 countries and the United States today. His spheres of interest are international relations, geopolitics, security, peace studies, humanitarian diplomacy, crisis management and business studies. Fluent in English, working knowledge of German.

Vladimir Rakonjac
Born in 1992 in Belgrade. After finishing Military High School; continued his studies at the Military Academy in Belgrade, department of Military Electronic Engineering of Telecommunication Modules. Speaks English fluently, working knowledge of French. Spheres of interest are geopolitics, geostrategy, military history and military strategy.

Slađan Rankić
Born on 12 January 1992 in Bijeljina. Finished the Gymnasium “Filip Višnjić” in Biljeljina, socio-linguistic direction. Graduated in 2015 from the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade, department of International Relations. Currently a student at the graduate program of Peace Studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences. Spheres of interest are ancient history, political philosophy, political psychology, geopolitics and international relations. Fluent in English, working knowledge of German.

Luka Radojević
Born on 20 May 1992 in Belgrade, where he finished elementary school and Gymnasium. Furthered his interest in chemistry at the research station “Petnica”, where he worked on a project applicable to the field of environmental protection. Currently studying at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, department of Power engineering. In additions to professional interests, enjoys the study of military doctrine and technology, as well as their place in a broader historical context. Fluent in English, working knowledge of French.

Stefan Grnčarski
Born in 1992 in Uljma. Finished elementary and high school with highest honours, as well as good results on National chemistry and mathematics competitions. Student of the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. Editor of the internet portal NHL Srbija. Speaks English and German..

Đurađ Milanović
Born in 1993 in Belgrade. Finished Vladislav Ribnikar elementary school and XII Belgrade Gymnasium. Currently studying business studies at John Naisbitt University in Belgrade. Plays the violin. Enjoys basketball. Speaks English and French.

Ognjen Putniković
Born in the summer of 1993 in Belgrade. Finished I Belgrade Gymnasium, department of Science and Mathematics. Continued his education at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, studying Japanese language, literature and culture. Spheres of interest are fantasy literature, history, geopolitics and music.